Sunday, October 28, 2007


I've been seeing positive reviews for a new movie, Bella.

World Magazine:
Talk to the creators of Bella, a quiet new film with a pro-life theme, and their faces often get a certain look: incredulous, even wonder-struck. Most of the time, they cannot believe their humble production has come so far.

And far it has come for a $3 million movie with an executive producer who had never made films, a director who had never made a feature-length film, and a lead actor who was jobless for three years. Last year Bella won the prestigious People’s Choice Award at the world’s largest film festival in Toronto, competing against Oscar winners such as The Departed and The Queen. In the United States, it is scheduled to open in 30 cities Oct. 26. [Read the whole thing.]

Christianity Today:

Bella is beautiful to watch and hard to resist. . . . I can see why the film won a standing ovation and the People's Choice Award at the Toronto Film Festival. If Bella affects others the way it did me, that's only the first in a long line of awards that are coming its way."

A review in National Review Online concludes that "Bella is one of the best movies to come along in years."

Here is the official trailer.