Thursday, October 11, 2007

Unelectable Hillary

First Things' Joseph Bottum writes on the presidential candidates (scroll down). Regarding the Democrats, he writes:
. . . on the Democratic side, at least, the race appears over. Hillary Clinton has locked up the nomination. Short of catastrophe, she can’t be over­taken in the primaries. Which means (as near as I can tell, a year out from the election) that she will roll like a juggernaut into November 2008 and lose. Just lose. Hillary Clinton is not electable, and any Republican short of Ron Paul should be able to beat her.
By the way, for those who think that Ron Paul could beat Hillary Clinton, I began to compile a list of events that are much more likely:

1. John MacArthur prophesying in tongues.
2. Mark Dever baptizing babies.
3. John Piper laughing uncontrollably at one of his own jokes during a sermon.
4. Mark Driscoll wearing a tuxedo with a pink bow tie and cummerbund.