Monday, October 29, 2007

Touchstone Forum on Evangelicalism

Touchstone Magazine posed the following questions to Russell Moore, John Franke, Darryl Hart, Michael Horton, David Lyle Jeffrey, and Denny Burk:
  • “How do you define ‘Evangelical,’ in a way that distinguishes Evangelicals from other believing Christians? And has this definition changed over the last several decades?”
  • “Has Evangelicalism matured since the 1950s, and if so in what ways?”
  • “Has it lost anything in the process of maturing (if it did)?”
  • “Are there any fundamental differences within the Evangelical movement today, and do you think they will deepen into permanent divisions, or even have already? How might they be healed?”
  • “What does your movement, speaking generally, fail to see that it ought to see?”
  • “What would you say to an Evangelical tempted to become Catholic or Orthodox?”
  • “What has Evangelicalism to offer the wider world that it will find nowhere else?”
  • “What else would you like to say?”
The forum is now online.