Monday, October 22, 2007

The Case for Mike

Newsweek's Jonathan Alter:
The GOP is in a deep hole and keeps digging. Even after Mike Huckabee won big among attendees at last week's "Values Voters Convention," many evangelicals have been telling the former Arkansas governor—and onetime Baptist minister—that they like him but won't back him because he can't beat Hillary Clinton. They have it exactly backward. He may be the only Republican candidate with a decent chance to beat the Democrats next November.

Huckabee? Yes, Huckabee. [emphasis added]

Read the whole thing.

I'm coming to the position that Alter is spot on here. Huckabee has a better chance of beating Hillary than he does beating the rest of the Republican pack. The problem, of course, is his lack of funds.

Here's a summary line that seems to get it right: "Huckabee comes across more hopeful than Giuliani, more believable than Romney, more intelligent than Thompson and fresher than McCain."

If the Republicans somehow nominate Huckabee and the cash flows his way, I think the Republicans have a good chance of beating Hillary. But if the Republicans nominate Romney--much less the other guys--I think we may be in for a rout.

(HT: Bros Harris)