Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Jeremiah Wright, Abortion, and America

Douglas Wilson:
As I have pointed out before, conservatives pound on Jeremiah Wright for saying that the government kills black people this way, when all conservatives know that the actual government policy is to kill black people that way. Now Wright may be a nutjob for saying that Bush personally mans the death ray in the White House basement, the one that is killing all these black people, but Wright is not outlandish for maintaining that our government is capable of killing off black people. He is a kook because of the tactics he insists are being employed. But he is not a kook for maintaining what everybody really knows, and would have to admit if the question were posed the right way. If two men are arguing about what price a hooker charges, one maintaining that she charges by the hour and the other that she charges by the evening, the debate is not about her character.