Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Southern Baptist Consensus and Renewal

David Dockery's new book, Southern Baptist Consensus and Renewal: A Biblical, Historical, and Theological Proposal, looks like a very good book. And Mark Dever's endorsement (it's "the best introduction to the current state of the Southern Baptist Convention") makes it seem ideal for someone like me (an SBC outsider who is interested in what's going on there).

"A comprehensive and challenging mandate . . . It calls our denomination to nothing less than a Great Commission resurgence rooted in the great biblical and theological truths that we hold in common. It is my prayer that this book will not only be read, but that its vision will be embraced."

—Daniel L. Akin, president, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

"Southern Baptists stand at a crossroads today . . . David Dockery, one of our finest scholar-statesmen, points the way toward a more constructive future for a denomination called to reclaim its founding purpose of ‘eliciting, combining, and directing’ its energies in sharing the message of Jesus Christ with all the world."

—Timothy George, founding dean, Beeson Divinity School

Interesting to note, too, that even though it's a 238 page book it's only $9.99!

Here is some information on a recent podcast Dr. Dockery did about the book and the issues it covers:
Dockery’s book, “Southern Baptist Consensus and Renewal: A Biblical, Historical, and Theological Proposal,” is a call for unity among Southern Baptists and for a renewed commitment to truth, doctrinal fidelity and the gospel.

The three-part podcast addresses key issues in the life of the SBC, such as the need for consensus, the role of confessions among Southern Baptists, the definition and application of biblical inerrancy and varying perspectives surrounding the doctrine of salvation, among other topics.

The podcast is available for download or listening online at insight.ncbaptist.org.