Sunday, June 08, 2008

Mahaney's Alternate Summer Reading List

C.J. Mahaney:
Albert Mohler is my very good friend. And the man is scary smart! If you happen to see Al today, ask him a question about, well, anything—politics, biology, British history, the history of stained glass, whatever. Ask him a question about any of these subjects (except sports) and he will answer you as if it were the subject of his professional expertise.

Besides wondering how smart Al could be if I’m one of his friends, you might also be wondering about Al’s recent recommended summer reading list. If you’re like me and you think of summer reading as synonymous with enjoyable reading, you might find Al’s list somewhat intimidating (here and here). I know I did.

Now, don’t misunderstand. For Al Mohler, this is enjoyable reading! But for those of us with average intelligence, this is difficult reading and not what we have in mind for the summer months (or any time of the year actually). So for those of you not eager to read a 600-page book on the rise and development of communism, or a 700-page book on America’s development between the years 1788–1800, and for those of you not looking to earn college credit this summer, I’m here for you with an alternative summer reading list.

As a public service to men of average intelligence, I present you with my less demanding—and more enjoyable—summer reading list.
See C.J.'s twelve picks here.