Monday, June 30, 2008

McCain, Pro-life, and Quiet Courage

John McCain wasn't my first choice for President; I disagree with him on lots of things.

But I think two things should be pointed out:

First, many evangelicals are unaware of the strength and longevity of McCain's pro-life record. I've linked to it before, but I think it's worth pointing again to Gerald Bradley's article on this.

Second, I find it extraordinary to reflect upon the way in which McCain has refused to use many aspects of his private life for political gain. A recent article demonstrates this point in spades. As the author puts it, "It is an extraordinary man who commits himself to such generous and heroic acts; it is an extraordinary politician who won't utter a word about such acts for political aggrandizement."

Even if we disagree politically with one another, I hope we can find unity in praising this all-to-rare trait among public figures.