Thursday, June 19, 2008

Patricia Salerno (1914-2008)

My grandmother once thought she saw an angel, but yesterday I know for sure that she saw Jesus.

Here's an email yesterday from my mom:
Today at noon God called my mom, Patricia Salerno, into His Presence. Almost every day for the past two months I have been able to speak with her and she has recited the 23rd Psalm with me. I was able to spend four glorious afternoons with her about a month ago singing and reading and praising God. She had a servant's heart and knitted slipper socks every day for the homeless in Denver.

Yesterday I commented that the time was near when she would be going to Heaven and seeing Jesus and asked if she was ready. She normally has had a whisper of a voice and she began yelling at the top of her lungs, "Amen; Amen!" so loudly and consistently that my sister had to leave the room and go to the end of the hall. I continued to hear her shouting. When my sister returned my mom closed her eyes and smiled. We thought she was gone but she opened them and continued yelling AMEN!

God was gracious to not allow her to suffer too long today and right before passing into the Presence of the Lord she slowly lifted her tiny hands up a bit and went into the arms of our loving Father.
May the Lord help us all to persevere to the end!