Thursday, June 05, 2008

NLT Study Bible Blog

Sean Harrison, the general editor of the NLT Study Bible, has launched a blog at Tyndale to cover things like:
  • Examples of some of the great features in the NLT Study Bible.
  • The “inside scoop” on the development process.
  • Notable developments in the world of biblical scholarship or Bible translation, possibly with discussion of the NLT Study Bible’s handling of the issue.
  • Repeated queries (and complaints!) about the study materials, received through our customer service department and through the comments on this blog.
  • Interviews with contributing scholars and editors.
  • Honorable mention of developments in other study Bibles as they relate to the NLT Study Bible.
  • Notices of interesting posts by others about the NLT Study Bible.
The NLT-SB comes out in September; the ESV-SB comes out in October.