Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Does the Pill Kill?

At the Life Training Institute Blog Rich Poupard (a very sharp pro-life advocate) has been posting on the issue.

Below are some of the links with excerpts:

The Dangers of Overstating our Case
There is a real controversy regarding this issue, and science does not have all of the answers. Let me state this plainly: anyone who believes they know absolutely that OCs cause endometrial changes that result in "chemical abortions" is simply wrong. They don't. I don't know for sure either. Cool web sites and T-shirts do nothing to change this fact. Pro-lifers who overstate this case are acting very irresponsibly.

What if breastfeeding kills?
By endorsing a campaign such as "The Pill Kills" and overstating the case for a post-fertilization effect of OCs, we leave ourselves vulnerable to being hypocritical regarding possible dangers to an embryo. There are many reasons to question the use of oral contraceptives, and we should inform women to the best of our ability so they can make an educated choice. However, overstating dangers helps no one.

Does a Thin Uterine Lining Support the "Pill as Baby Killer" Theory?
. . . if a thick, receptive uterine lining is necessary for implantation, and we can show that OCs thin the lining, it almost has to effect implantation. This is the predominant reasoning used by those who support the abortifacient theory. However, this only covers the issue very shallowly. In order to understand what it really occurring, we have to go deep. This can be complicated and confusing, but I will do my best to simplify it where I can.