Saturday, July 05, 2008

"Gays: The 'Out" Club' on Christian Campuses

Newsweek has an article on the attempt by some to form gay organizations at Christian campuses:

America's Christian colleges may be the last bastion of traditional values—places where parents can continue, in absentia, to protect their children from the corrupting influences of the world and where the kids themselves often promise, as Swenson did, to abstain not just from homosexual sex but from premarital sex, adultery and inappropriate fondling—and greed, idolatry and slander. But as homosexuality ceases to be a cultural taboo, evangelicals increasingly have had to grapple openly with the question of how to deal with the gays and lesbians in their midst. Now, even on very conservative Christian campuses, there are gays who are "out" and who want their authority figures to recognize them—and their sexuality—as deserving of God's love. Thanks largely to the efforts of Soul Force, which encourages dialogue between gays and Christians on campus, these students are trying to get organized.
Bethel University, Samford University, Gordon College, and Seattle Pacific University are all mentioned.

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