Monday, January 05, 2009

Trueman on the Evangelical Shibboleth of Culture

I know it could get a tad embarrassing that I link to everything Carl Trueman writes at Ref21, but I find it consistently challenging and edifying, even when I disagree here and there. His latest--on the evangelical fascination with culture--is in the same category.

Here's the closing:
I could become less obsessed with particularities and more concerned with universals. I could engage less with the accidents of culture and more with the substance of nature. I might even spend less time training people who don't know the Apostles' Creed to watch movies that would have made grandma blush and more time teaching them the basic elements of scripture and doctrine. Horribly modernist, I know; in fact, boringly passé. But it might, just might, prove more relevant in the long run than being able to understand the sacramental significance of Sharon Stone or playing 'Spot the Redeemer Figure' in the latest Jim Carrey movie.
If you're okay with having your toes stepped on here or there, you really should read the whole thing.