Saturday, June 13, 2009

Brooks Ritter, The Horse Fell Lame

Earlier tonight I downloaded The Horse Fell Lame, the first album from Louisville solo artist Brooks Ritter (who also is a featured vocalist for Sojourn Music and a worship leader for Sojourn Community Church, an Acts 29 church in Louisville.)

This album--not a worship album or a "Christian" album per se--has a soulful/bluesy folk sound, and I'm really enjoying it. I think it's worth checking out.

Here's a review:
The artistry of Brooks Ritter is a seamless garment. An indivisible blend of voice, musicianship and songwriting that is capable of communicating the wide range of human emotion and illuminating our hopeful, fallen, love-sick, grasping condition. His lyrics are insightful and honest, his music displays the rare kind of versatility that makes you think and makes you move, and his voice is an instrument capable of subtle nuance and supple power that glides effortlessly through the realms of rock, folk and soul.

"... Brooks Ritter offers one of the most intense and purposeful vocal performances I've heard in a long time." --

"Brooks Ritter sounds like someone on the verge of mega-stardom, yet humbly decides to offer sincere melodies ... instead of indie-rock swagger." -- The Black and White.

Here are some videos of him performing songs from The Horse Fell Lame:

Brooks Ritter- The Horse Fell Lame from Jeff Venable on Vimeo.

Bones From the Ground- Brooks Ritter from Jeff Venable on Vimeo.

Brooks Ritter- Prodigal Feet from Jeff Venable on Vimeo.

Brooks Ritter- Child from Jeff Venable on Vimeo.