Monday, June 22, 2009

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

As the Annual Meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention convenes in Louisville this week, it's fitting to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the SBC's flagship school, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

I have not yet seen either book, but you may want to take a look at a couple of new releases, both by history professors at SBTS.

The first is Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (1859-2009), by Greg Wills, being published by Oxford University Press. I'm thinking of reading the book this summer; it looks like a fascinating history of an important and embattled seminary. Very few institutions have managed to turn the ship from liberalism back to orthodoxy, so I'm sure this will make for fascinating reading.

The other volume is Tom Nettles's book, the latest in P&R's American Reformed Biographies series, entitled James Petigru Boyce: A Southern Baptist Statesman.

Boyce (1827–1888) was the founder of Southern Seminary. About this new biography, Joel Beeke writes, "Nettles does with Boyce what Iain Murray did with Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones. . . . Ultimately this captivating biography moves us to worship God. Make it your must-read biography this year."