Monday, June 22, 2009

Dockery on Wills's History of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

An endorsement from David Dockery, President of Union University:
The newly published history of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary: 1859-2009, by Gregory A. Wills (Oxford University Press) is terrific in every way. This magisterial study not only offers a wonderful exploration into the life of Southern Seminary over the past 150 years, but provides a most insightful portrait of the role of the seminary in the broader worlds of the Southern Baptist Convention in particular and American Christianity in general during this time.

Readers will be introduced to the strengths and weaknesses, accomplishments and shortcomings, of Boyce, Broadus, Manly, Whitsitt, Mullins, Robertson, Sampey, and dozens of others who have formed the trajectory of this special institution. With this publication, Greg Wills has moved to the forefront as one of the truly outstanding Baptist historians. For those interested in the key influences in theological education that have shaped American Christianity over this period, this volume is must reading.
Update: Here's an interview with Dr. Wills about the book and the research that went into it.