Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mohler on More Summer Reading

For those who were "hurt," "disappointed," and scandalized in sundry ways that Al Mohler's Summer Reading List allegedly revealed a disdain for fiction and a love for violence . . . he has written a follow-up post. It begins:
I appreciate the fact that many people have found my 2009 Summer Reading List to be helpful. The list is just a start, of course, and it was intended from the beginning to be helpful also for Father's Day. Thus, it is long in history and military history -- which is no coincidence given my own enjoyment of these reading fields. There will be more to come this summer.

A few comments have raised issues or questions. Why no fiction? Well, that is a horribly difficult genre to recommend in the same sense that I can recommend many non-fiction titles. I will mention a recent novel below, but a recommendation is something else. I find recommending fiction to be excruciatingly difficult. I read several dozen novels a year, enjoy many of them, and would gladly recommend a few of them . . . if I knew what kind of fiction you like to read. I like many forms of fiction and have a collection of favored authors. I probably learn more by reading fiction than by reading much non-fiction. Still, the great challenge vexes.

Read the whole thing for a few more recommendations.