Monday, June 15, 2009

An Interview on Printmaking to the Glory of God

Andrew Faris has an interview here with a young artist, Janee Noble, who has produced the linoleum carvings shown to the right (of Ezekiel eating the scroll, and of Cain killing Abel).

Here's one of their exchanges:
Anything else you'd like to tell a bunch of theology nerds about these two pieces?

Seriously, take a piece of art that you enjoy, with blatant Christian themes or not, and spend at least an hour looking at it (obviously this would be better if you can be with the artwork in person). Think about why you enjoy the piece, and try to draw out some truths that you find in it. Make some personal connections between the artwork and your faith. Maybe even make a connection between the piece and a particular passage and extract some well thought out connections between the piece of art and God's word. You will enjoy finding God's truth in places you never would have thought to look before.