Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mohler on Twitter

From Al Mohler's post about Twitter:
Can Twitter serve the Kingdom? Can a technology that limits users to 140 characters be used for anything meaningful? Is my time well spent reading about what someone had for breakfast? Is all this an exercise in communal narcissism? Well, my answer is evident in my own use of Twitter. I find the advantages to outweigh the dangers by far. . . .

I use Twitter because I find it to be a powerful (if sometimes perplexing) means of connecting. I am able to pass things along and make some points to people who I would otherwise never reach. I hope this makes a Great Commission impact and serves a wholesome Kingdom purpose. I'll quickly admit something else -- Twitter can be fun. In a life of serious endeavor, that is no small gift. I like how technology writer Clive Thompson defines the experience of Twitter -- "ambient awareness."

Twitter has changed my prayer life. More than any development in years, Twitter helps me to know what is going on in the lives of many friends and people far beyond. I have known how to pray in many specific ways. I have rejoiced with friends and have grieved with others. Priceless.