Friday, October 24, 2008

Choosing a Job

A number of years ago John Piper put together some questions to ask when considering a new job. Given that I've passed this on to three different friends in the past few weeks, I thought it might be helpful to highlight it here:
  1. Can you earnestly do all the parts of this job "to the glory of God,” that is, in a way that highlights his superior value over all other things?"
  2. Is taking this job part of a strategy to grow in personal holiness?
  3. Will this job help or hinder your progress in esteeming the value of knowing Christ Jesus your Lord?
  4. Will this job result in inappropriate pressures on you to think or feel or act against your King, Jesus?
  5. Will this job help establish an overall life-pattern that will yield a significant involvement in fulfilling God’s great purpose of exalting Christ among all the unreached peoples of the world?
  6. Will this job be worthy of your best energies?
  7. Will the activities and environment of this job tend to shape you or will you be able to shape it for the Christ-magnifying purposes of God?
  8. Will this job provide an occasion for you to be radically Christian so as to let your light shine for your Father’s sake, or will your participation in the vision of the firm tend by definition to snuff your wick?
  9. Does the aim of this job cohere with a growing intensity in your life to be radically, publicly, fruitfully devoted to Christ at any cost?
  10. Will the job feel like a good investment of your life when these “two seconds” of preparation for eternity are over?
  11. Does this job fit with why you believe you were created and purchased by Christ?
  12. Does this fit together with the ultimate truth that all things exist for Christ?
Read the whole thing to see the biblical support and explanation behind these questions.

Over at Boundless Alex Chediak has a new article related to all of this: Vocation Plans.