Tuesday, October 14, 2008

ESV Online Study Bible: Now Available

As you may recall, the entire ESV Study Bible is available online for free to everyone who has a print version of the ESVSB. You can highlight the text (five different colors), take your own notes, listen to a new audio recording of the ESV text, view all of the maps, charts, notes, introductions, article, illustrations, etc. We hope it will prove to be a useful tool in your study of God's Word.

For an introduction, with screenshots, see the overview.

Also see the FAQs.

For a free preview of an entire book with all of the features, go to the Gospel according to Matthew.

Even if you don't own a print ESVSB, you can still access the entire ESV text and take notes and listen to audio and highlight verses or key words--but the Study Bible features (notes, intros, illustrations, maps, etc.) will only be available for you on the Gospel of Matthew.

Many thanks to Stephen Smith and the Crossway IT guys who were able to put this together so quickly. If you have suggestions for improvement, feel feel to leave a comment here.