Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Exodus and Biblical Theology

James Grant:
Stephen Dempster recently posted some interesting reflections on the protology and eschatology of some events in Exodus at the Biblical Theology blog, particularly the relationship between Sinai and Zion. The short end of it is that the events connected to Sinai are at the same time a return to the Garden paradise in Eden as well as a looking forward to the great gathering of the nations (Isaiah 25) as the walls that divide the nations are broken down through the ministry of Jesus. Very good stuff. It made me want to pay the $120 for the book he referenced! Read his whole post here.

And while we are at it, Jim Hamilton pointed out that Dempster also has an essay in The Southern Baptist Journal of Theology: “Exodus and Biblical Theology: On Moving into the Neighborhood with a New Name,” SBJT 12.3 (2008) 4-23 (see the word version here).