Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Year of the Bible

Justin Buzzard:
Because I love the Bible and I want the people I care for to love the Bible, this Saturday I'm launching Year of the Bible. Building upon the release/momentum of a resource that trumps my seminary education--the ESV Study Bible, I'm encouraging my peeps to read through the Bible in a year (November 1st 2008-October 31st 2009). Many are committing to Year of the Bible.

To enrich our individual reading, each week we will have a different person share publicly for 2 minutes about a "discovery" they make (about God, the gospel, the Christian life, etc.) during their Bible reading for that week. We're also working to create a culture where it's normal for people talk with one another (when gathering in our weekly community groups and while doing life throughout the week) about how they're being affected by this journey through the Scriptures.

Are you looking for a Bible reading plan? You might want to join us for Year of the Bible.

Here's the reading plan: Year of the Bible Reading Plan.pdf

He also gives "5 directives": (1) Set aise a specific time and place for enjoying your daily Bible reading. (2) Make Year of the Bible a joy, not a job. (3) Keep moving forward when you fall behind. (4) Talk about and apply your discoveries. (5) Major in the text, minor in the notes.

Each directive is unpacked a bit here--and it looks like this could also be printed as a bookmark.