Saturday, October 25, 2008

An Interview with Ward Connerly

Peter Robinson, on the show Uncommon Knowledge, interviews civil rights leader Ward Connerly:

Part 1:
In discussing the battle to end racial preferences in Colorado and Nebraska, Ward Connerly notes that “the establishment is always at odds with the people on issues involving race.”

Part 2:
How has Proposition 209 fared since it went into effect in California in 1998? Very well, says Ward Connerly: “Once you remove that artificiality of race preferences,” as Prop. 209 did, “kids are going [to school] where they can compete.”

Part 3:
A dozen years after the enactment of Proposition 209, Ward Connerly keeps at it, fighting, now, for anti-preference measures on the ballot in Colorado and Nebraska.

Part 4:
According to Connerly, the Supreme Court is moving in the right direction on race, which is toward “a Constitution that is colorblind.”

Part 5:
Connerly says Martin Luther King would likely have supported affirmative action back in the 1960s. But if he were alive today, he’d say, “We’re beyond that now.” Would a President Obama agree? Connerly weighs in.