Wednesday, June 03, 2009

D. A. Carson Publications

In my little bio sketch of Don Carson, written for NEXT, I noted:
Dr. Carson’s sheer productivity is nothing less than astonishing. One could become tired just working through the latest numbers: he has written 50 books; 235 articles; 112 book reviews; and 46 edited books in the various series he edits. Average it out and it comes to about one book written or edited every four months, with one article and two reviews written every six weeks—for three decades.
Andy Naselli--a PhD student at TEDS under Carson and his full-time research assistant--has spent several months compiling the list for The Gospel Coalition: everything Carson has published.

It's broken down into five categories:
  1. Books
  2. Articles
  3. Reviews
  4. Lyrics
  5. Edited Series
Incredibly, this includes 334 free PDFS (fully searchable--and retaining original publication pagination!) Seven of the PDFs are entire books. You'll undoubtedly discover things you didn't know about (e.g., not that many people know that Carson has published an entire book of sonnets!).

What a gift Dr. Carson has given to the church, and what a gift Andy has given us in the countless hours devoted to making these available for free.

For more info, go to Andy's post, or directly to the bibliography.

Thank you, brothers.