Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Reilly, Let June Decide

Seems like most folks in these parts like the Reilly video I posted the other day.

You can download their album, Let June Decide, at Amazon for $8.99. (Under an earlier name, John Reilly Band, they also have an album called While I Was on Earth; $7.99 at Amazon.)

Brian Whalen has posted some of the lyrics he especially likes from the Let June Decide album:
From “Beautiful You:”
There’s a different plan for me / Something better that I cannot see / It can only be beautiful wherever You are / It’s a wonderful world I see when You’re in my eyes, in my eyes / I always lose sight of me when You’re in my eyes / I never wanna move, I never wanna find that I’ve wasted all my time away from / Time away from beautiful You

From “Cry for You:”
Why do we reach for life like a plant toward the sun always leans? / How do we agree there’s more past these shadows our eyes cannot see? / We have so much motivation but we don’t see our inclinations / Are a cry for You / A desperate pleading, a yearning for You / But we don’t know who we should be crying for / Life is constant demonstration, we’re carbon copied replications

From “Sunlight:”
You shine a white light into my blind eyes / And now I’ve seen You truly for the first time / This revelation of my desperation / Brings me to Calvary, it brings me to salvation / You resurrect me, You rearrange me / You make my heart beat to another symphony / And you pursue me like You think I’m worth it / And Savior, now I know that I do not deserve this

From “Come to Me:”
I see through broken glass / A world of innocence past / Can you take me back to Eden? / I’ve traded truth for lies, I’ve got no alibi / No excuses to remove this blame / Will you leave me here alone in my kingdom on my throne? / I need a mutiny