Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Andreas Kostenberger ponders the question of the literary genre for "blogs."

Here, in part, is his conclusion:

It occurs to me that some of us are not very good listeners or readers of others’ blogs. Much would be gained if we were to intuit the proper genre of another’s blog and critique that blog in keeping with the authorially intended genre. . . . But I have seen quite a few examples of genre-misidentification with resultant communication breakdown in the blogosphere.

Internet etiquette is important, especially for Christians. Wisdom and spiritual maturity ought to be the primary pursuit and heart’s desire of every Christian blogger. But my topic today is more narrow. What I would encourage all of us to refine and hone is our ability to reflect intelligently, and to develop skills in, is to identify properly which genre a given blog represents and to respond accordingly. That way we won’t try to drive a square peg into a round hole but rather write blogs that resemble well-driven nails (Eccl 12:11) and in our responses speak words that are apt and refresh rather than hurt and offend (Prov 25:11).