Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Ruth Tucker

Six years ago Ruth Tucker made history as the first female professor at Calvin Theological Seminary (of the Christian Reformed Church denomination). Three years ago she was denied a tenure track. This summer she resigned. The Grand Rapids Press has an article about the controversy, and Tucker has devoted a blog to it. She has alleged that sex discrimination was part of the reason behind the administration's actions. "I was being held to a different standard than my male colleagues," Tucker, 61, said. "I do not believe that, had I been an insider and a man, that this ever would have happened to me."

Because of confidentiality rules, the administration has been unable to respond publicly to her public accusations.

Update: In the comments section below, Andrew links to a note from Neal Plantinga:

A Note from the President

Dear Students,

I write with great sorrow and determination. The sorrow, as you can expect, is over a published allegation by Ruth Tucker that I and "top administrators," namely, Henry De Moor and Duane Kelderman, made life difficult for her at CTS, and that we did so because of sex bias. I am deeply grieved at this allegation. For decades all three of us have contended for full gender equality in the church. For decades we have enjoyed collegial and respectful working relationships with women. We began our leadership at CTS with special determination to make our school a hospitable environment for women, and we believe we've made real progress on this front. I want you to know that this sorrowful episode has redoubled my determination to honor the women among us and, so far as it lies within my power, to see to it that CTS is a welcoming place for all.

You may give this note to anyone you judge will be helped by it.



Rev. Cornelius Plantinga, Jr., Ph.D.
President and Charles W. Colson Professor of Theology
Calvin Theological Seminary