Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Christ-Centered Preaching

If you've ever wanted to grow in your knowledge of Christ-Centered Preaching, you may want to listen to this free online seminary class by Dr. Bryan Chapell and Dr. Zack Eswine, on the topic of Christ-Centered Preaching: Preparation and Delivery of Sermons.

Here is the outline of lectures
Course Info
1. Word & Witness
2. What's the Big Idea?
3. Text Selection & Interpretation
4. The Road from Text to Sermon
5. Outlining & Arrangement
6A. Propositions & Main Points
6B. Workshop on Homiletical Outlines
7. Introductions
8A. Exposition
8B. Workshop on Sermon Introductions
9. Sermon Divisions & Development
10. Conclusions
11. Classification of Messages
12. Explanation
13. Why to Illustrate
14A. How to Illustrate
14B. How to Illustrate (continued)
15A. Application
15B. Application (continued)
16. Transitions & Dialogical Method
17. Methods of Sermon Presentation
18. Voice & Gesture
19. Dress & Style
20. Old Friends in New Clothes
21. Word & Spirit
22. A Redemptive Approach to Preaching
23. Developing Redemptive Messages
24. Hearing the Application of Redemptive Principles
25. Redemptive Interpretation and Biblical Genre