Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Matthias Media: USA

I received the following email from Marty Sweeney, who is heading up the North American division of Matthias Media (originally out of Australia). They brought God-centered resources, including the gospel tract Two Ways to Live, which I blogged about here. Many of you asked how to order these resources in the US:

I'm posting his note with permission:

* * *

The motto of our Six Steps to Encouragement DVD course is “God’s Word changes us; through us, it can change others too.” That’s also a good summary of the publishing goal here at Matthias Media. In God’s grace, our resources aim to be biblically faithful so that God will change you through his Word, and then equip you to share his ministry of salvation with the world.

A benefit in having Matthias Media here in North America is that we’ll not only be able to provide you with the resources, but also with training, guidance and support in using them.

Finally!!! This can happen. After a long delay, our shipment of resources have arrived. This means that Matthias Media (USA) is officially open to serve you. We are excited to offer our North American customers cheaper shipping, speedy delivery and customer service and support that doesn’t require you to call at 1am.

We still have some work to do on our North American website. However, you can visit the site now (www.matthiasmedia.com) for ordering information, a downloadable order form, and contact details. On the website you can also find a list of our in-stock resources and their $US prices. Further, check the site on a regular basis for up-to-date information on Matthias Media (USA) and our resources.

For now, the best way to place an order is to call me on 1-866-407-4530 or fax your order, shipping and payment information to 724-498-1658. We hope to finish our webstore soon so that you can place your orders online. We accept personal checks, Visa and MasterCard.

On a personal note, do you remember Victor Kiam’s famous tagline about his Remington razor company? He said about Remington, “I liked it so much, I bought the company”. Well, Matthias Media (USA) didn’t begin exactly that way, but his line captures the idea. After using the whole range of Matthias Media resources for many years for myself and in pastoring a church, I became convinced that North America needed to have easier access to this publishing ministry. So, I began talking to and working with the good folks in Sydney about how we could meet this need. A year later, we hope the fruit of these labors – Matthias Media (USA) - will benefit you and your church.

I remain convinced of this ministry, not because I want to sell books, but because I’ve witnessed what God can do when people are engaged in his Word on a regular basis - he changes lives. We pray that for God’s glory, Matthias Media will aid you and your church in hearing and obeying the life-giving Word of God.

Please keep us in prayer as we begin this new venture. And spread the word to your friends!


Marty Sweeney
Ministry Director
Matthias Media (USA)
email: msweeney@matthiasmedia.com
US phone: 724-498-1668
Toll-free: 1-866-407-4530
web: http://www.matthiasmedia.com