Friday, September 29, 2006

DG National Conference

The Desiring God National Conference on the supremacy of Christ in a postmodern world begins tonight.

John Piper posts some quotes from the speakers to whet our appetite.

Tim Challies will be there liveblogging, as well New Attitude and probably others. The A-Team will also be here. (If you'll be liveblogging the conference, leave a link in the comments.) Meanwhile, Kevin Cawley--who apparently would rather read Barth than come to the conference--at least gives us a guide of where to eat and what to do in Minneapolis.

Having read David Wells's latest book and having listened to him lecture for hours on my drive up here, I want to pass along and give a hearty amen to this post that Frank Turk made a few weeks ago regarding Above All Earthly Pow'rs:

(1) If your local Christian bookstore doesn't have it, make them order you two, and give one to the owner of that bookstore. If, after a suitable amount of time has passed, they do not stock that book, just write "Ichabod" over the door and walk away.

(2) If your church is trying out "seeker friendly" or "Emergent" malarky, buy a copy for your pastor and ask him to read it. Remember to treat your pastor, who is tasked with being a preacher and teacher of the word, with double honor, not just politeness. All you can do is ask him to read it, and maybe talk about it to see if it has any impact on what he thinks the local church ought to be.

(3) You personally should read it. It is actually the last book of a 4-part treatment of the modern evangelical church by Wells. If you're really clever, you'll read all 3 -- but the real spiritual body-blows are in this book.

You think this blog is full of big ideas? That book makes this blog look like the Jon Stewart show on the Comedy Channel. Read it, and then read it again.

As far as reviews go, that's not much of a review: it's a rave. I won't review this book because then people who ought to read the book will read the review and feel like they have done their part. You read this book. You personally. Get it at the library, buy it from Amazon, whatever. You read this book.