Friday, September 15, 2006

Suffering and the Sovereignty of God

Here are some more endorsements for Suffering and the Sovereignty of God:

With courage and honesty, this book squarely faces some of the toughest challenges for Christians. The writers combine utter faithfulness to Scripture with unassuming authenticity. They write as people whose minds have been shaped by God's Word and whose lives have been formed in the crucible of suffering. This book will challenge you to believe that God is truly sovereign, not just in the safe haven of theological inquiry, but also in the painful messiness of real life. You will be encouraged to live more consistently by God's grace and for His glory.

Mark D. Roberts

Senior Pastor, Irvine Presbyterian Church


Most Christians readily rationalize away God’s role in personal and human suffering. In an effort to protect God’s moral nature and His being the source of only that which is good, an understanding of His sovereignty is diminished as well as the glory He derives when we recognize His victory over all that is evil. John Piper and Justin Taylor have collaborated with a number of other writers to communicate a refreshing perspective on Suffering and the Sovereignty of God. This is not another theological volume that complicates what appears to be an irreconcilable paradox; it is a book that grows out of practical experience and applies Scripture to a realistic world where we all live.

Jerry Rankin, President

Southern Baptist International Mission Board

For all who don’t live a charmed life, for all who have given themselves to the point of exhaustion, for all who have been betrayed by pious back-stabbers, for all who wonder if they can even go on, Suffering and the Sovereignty of God will be green pastures and deep, still waters. The wisdom of this book stands forth like a kind friend, pointing us to the Crucified and Triumphant One, who says, “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

Raymond C. Ortlund, Jr.

Senior Pastor

Christ Presbyterian Church

Nashville, Tennessee