Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Mohler on the Time Magazine Cover Story

Al Mohler takes a look at the cover story for Time Magazine on the topic of prosperity theology.

"Theological confusion takes many forms, but with this cover story, TIME directs us to one of the most pervasive perversions of the Christian Gospel in our times -- prosperity theology. The article, written by David Van Biema and Jeff Chu, is fair, balanced, and devastating. . . . TIME's cover story is a wake-up call. The fact that prosperity theology has TIME's attention should demand our attention."

What can we do about this? Very few, if any of us, will be able to have personal contact with someone like T.D. Jakes or Joel Osteen. And most boycotts don't work. But why not write a letter or try to meet with the manager of your local Christian bookstore if they sell books like this, seeking to persuade them that selling books like this is a disservice to the body of Christ? It would be a good way to practice being an ambassador of Christ, it would seek to serve the church, and it's something that might actually make a difference.