Tuesday, August 26, 2008

9Marks E-Newsletter on Family and Parenting

The latest 9Marks edition is up (also available in PDF). My little piece involved reviewing three Bible storybooks for kids. Here's the table of contents:

Wanted: Kingdom Families

Embedded Portraits: A Theological Vision for Families

Book Review: Family Driven Faith
By Voddie Baucham Jr
Reviewed by Michael Lawrence

Book Review: Practicing Hospitality
By Pat Ennis and Lisa Tatlock
Reviewed by Adrienne Lawrence

Learning to Multiply

39 Lessons, 20 Tips and 10 "Don'ts" For Parenting

Favorite Children's Bibles


Book Review:
Gracism: The Art of Inclusion

by David A. Anderson
Reviewed by Ken Jones

Book Review:
Multicultural Ministry: Finding Your Church's Unique Rhythm

by David A. Anderson
Reviewed by Juan Sanchez

Book Review:
Building a Healthy Multi-Ethnic Church: Mandates, Commitments and Practices of a Diverse Congregation

by Mark DeYmaz
Reviewed by Benjamin Wright

Book Review:
Knowing Jesus Through the Old Testament

by Christopher J.H. Wright
Reviewed by Paul Alexander

Book Review:
The Peacemaking Pastor: A Biblical Guide to Resolving Church
by Alfred Poirier
Reviewed by Bob Johnson

Book Review:
40 Questions About Elders and Deacons

by Benjamin L. Merkle
Reviewed by Will Kynes