Saturday, August 23, 2008

NRO Editors on Obama's VP Pick

Posted by Andy Naselli

Published at 3 PM EST: "Candidate of Caution" by the National Review Online editors. They conclude,
As for the substance, Biden is a typical liberal who has no claim to post-partisanship. He is pro-choice, having flipped from being pro-life in the 1980s. He has opposed — often in cringe-makingly buffoonish performances — constitutionalist nominees to the Supreme Court. His vaunted foreign-policy judgment is seriously flawed. Although he was not as irresponsible as other Democrats in calling for an immediate pullout from Iraq, he opposed the surge and plugged for an unworkable plan to partition the country that was long ago overtaken by events, even though his office was saying as of only a week ago that he still supports it.

The cardinal rule of vice-presidential picks is: Do no harm. It remains to be seen if Biden will meet even this low standard.