Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sam Storms Accepts a Pastorate in Oklahoma

Posted by James Grant

Sam Storms has announced that he has accepted a pastorate in Oklahoma City: "Yes, it's true. Sometime within the next two months Ann and I will be moving to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, where I will be assuming the position of Senior Pastor at Bridgeway Church. My first official Sunday there will be September 14 and we will move as soon as our home in Kansas City is sold."

What will happen to Enjoying God Ministries? Sam explains, "I'm happy to say that EGM will continue to exist and to fulfill its vision of providing biblical and theological resources to the wider body of Christ. The Elders at Bridgeway are fully supportive of the ministry of EGM. Precisely how the two entities will relate has yet to be determined, but you can rest assured that the website will remain in place as a source of blessing to the kingdom of God."

Read all of Sam's announcement here.

[HT: David Mathis]