Wednesday, August 13, 2008

ESVSB: Interest and Nervousness

Gordon Cheng is writing at The Sola Panel blog about the ESV Study Bible, and why he's both interested in it and yet nervous about it:
Interest because, well, it’s interesting. Nervousness because Study Bibles, no matter how terrific they are, are the bane of every Bible study leader’s life. When you ask “What does the text say?” there will always, always, be the one nerdy member of the group who says “Well, it says here in the explanatory notes that...” The faint thumping sound you hear next is me hitting myself upside of the head prior to saying “Yes, that’s great and thank you but WHAT DOES THE TEXT SAY?!?!?” Veins bulging on neck. Eyes popping out of head. My Bible studies, at least, can be intense affairs.

And I’m afraid that I feel even more irritated when the explanatory notes have got it right. Because it robs me of one of the many reasons for telling people to ignore them and READ THE BIBLE PRAYERFULLY FOR THEMSELVES. YES I’M SHOUTING. SORRY ABOUT THAT. THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT.

Cheng has had a look at the book of Jonah in the ESVSB and shares some reactions.