Monday, August 18, 2008

Obama-Clinton Ticket?

Posted by Andy Naselli

I don't regularly listen to Rush Limbaugh (or any radio for that matter), but each afternoon I quickly scan his "Rush in a Hurry Email Newsletter," a summary of his radio program for that day. Regardless of what you think of Rush, you'll probably at least find the below clips from today's newsletter to be interesting. (The last item below made me laugh!)
  • Obama bombed at the Rick Warren forum. McCain's performance was so good, the Dems and Drive-Bys were reduced to accusing him of cheating. On issue after issue, Obama showed he's not in McCain's league. [Cf. Byron York.]
  • "If McCain doesn't do something stupid, like name a liberal running mate, he should be able to hold on. Obama's campaign is falling apart."
  • "Everybody is starting to whisper that if Obama has any prayer of winning, he has to choose Hillary. And if he chooses Hillary, he's going to have to have somebody taste his food and start his car for him every day."
Update: On a related note, Larry Naselli (my witty uncle) uses sarcasm to argue that Obama is an entry-level candidate and that "President of the United States is not an entry level position."