Friday, August 22, 2008

Obama's Veep: The Short List?

Posted by James Grant

It looks like Obama is going to name his running mater today. An Associated Press writer says that the narrow list includes Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine, Gov. Kathleen Sabelius of Kansas, Texas Rep. Chet Edwards, and Sens. Joe Biden of Delaware and Evan Bayh of Indiana. Hillary is still an outside chance, and there are dark horses (which include Kerry, Pelosi, and Chris Dodd), but these choices are unlikely. I personally find it unbelievable that Obama's short list includes Gov. Kathleen Sabelius of Kansas. Sabelius is a pro-choice Catholic, and a strong and open supporter of pro-choice rights. She is the governor I wrote about back in May [here] who participated in fundraising events for Planned Parenthood. Robert Novak called her the "Vice President for Abortion." How would she ever end up on the short list? Doesn't Obama want to be president?

UPDATE: Hillary gets stiffed