Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rick Warren on Obama's "above my pay grade" comment

Posted by James Grant

Rick Warren was interviewed by Beliefnet on the recent Saddleback Summit with McCain and Obama. The interviewer asked specifically about Obama's response to the abortion question:

Dan Gilgoff: When you asked Obama about when life begins, he punted, saying "It’s above my pay grade." Should someone running for the highest office in the land have a clear answer to that, or is that kind of ambivalence acceptable?

Rick Warren: No. I think he needed to be more specific on that. I happen to disagree with Barack on that. Like I said, he's a friend. But to me, I would not want to die and get before God one day and go, "Oh, sorry, I didn't take the time to figure out" because if I was wrong, then it had severe implications for my leadership if I had the ability to do something about it. He should either say, "No, scientifically, I do not believe it's a human being until X" or whatever it is or say, "Yes, I believe it is a human being at X point," whether it's conception or anything else. But to just say "I don't know" on the most divisive issue in America is not a clear enough answer for me.
Read the whole interview.

[HT: Alex Chediak]